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Mixed student choir “Vocal Group Musilon” at the University of Twente is looking for a conductor for rehearsals on Monday evening and at least three concerts annually.
The function is available starting on September 6th, 2021. The deadline for applying is the 30th of June.

Musilon is the mixed vocal group of the University of Twente, consisting of approximately 50 members and sings a varied repertoire including pop, jazz and musical. Musilon welcomes students and employees of the UT interested in singing (regardless of experience), but does not shy away from more complicated harmonies and challenging arrangements. The choir is lively and enthusiastic, and its members regularly meet up outside of rehearsal time. Additionally, Musilon is an international choir, which means the main language within the association is English. Rehearsals occur on Monday evenings from 19:30 until 22:00 in the Vrijhof at the UT. Rehearsals are aimed towards teaching and practicing the repertoire in preparation for the concerts, which are held twice a year, in December and June. In addition, Musilon organizes two rehearsal weekends, in which the repertoire is rehearsed more intensively. We also participate in other activities, such as the Prismare korendag and Amusing Hengelo.
See also: www.musilon.utwente.nl.

Musilon in corona times
The assumption is that the rehearsals will be physical again when this position is filled. Furthermore, it is good to know that during the lockdown Musilon stayed active. Musilon had a few different forms of online rehearsals. When allowed, Musilon had a hybrid rehearsal where a part of the choir attended physically and the rest followed the live stream of the rehearsal at home. At the moment, Musilon is rehearsing weekly using Jamulus.

Instead of our normal winter concert, Musilon made a video concert previous December. This video consisted of some video recordings of songs from earlier concerts and some new songs that members recorded separately from each other. At the moment, Musilon is working towards a summer concert video with new songs that members once again record separately.

The applicant:
– Has a minimum of a higher vocational (HBO) or similar degree in choir conducting.
– Is experienced in rehearsing and conducting four- to six part choral works with a repertoire of popular music (pop, jazz, close harmony).
– Pays attention to harmony, dynamics, articulation, vocalization, immersion and rhythm.
– Can accompany the choir on piano during rehearsals and preferably during concerts.
– Is experienced in teaching singing techniques (e.g. giving a good warming-up).
– Is energetic, enthusiastic and in control.
– Motivates the choir to bring the best out of themselves.
– Has affinity with students.
– Is able to deal with frequent member changes.
– Is appropriately versed in English, as rehearsals will be held in English.
– Communicates easily with members and the board.

The University of Twente employs independent entrepreneurs through a model agreement. Contractual arrangements are established with Culture & Events of the University of Twente.

Written responses including a resume can be sent to sollicitaties@musilon.utwente.nl. After a positive preliminary interview, candidates shall conduct part of a rehearsal.

For more substantive information, please contact the board of Musilon. Queries regarding the type of contract and compensation will be taken up by Culture & Events. Both can be reached through sollicitaties@musilon.utwente.nl.

Geïnteresseerd in deze vacature? Neem dan contact op met Arthur Kramer via onderstaande contactgegevens:

E-mailadres: sollicitaties@musilon.utwente.nl